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If you’re looking for a Peloton workout plan for beginners, I’ve got you. I’m sharing three sample workout plans you can follow using the Peloton app. Two Peloton Beginner workout plans + one is a bodyweight option if you don’t have the bike or weights at home. 

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? We had a great one. We met up with my dad and stepmom for dinner, Liv had a dress rehearsal for dance competitions, and we took Maisey on some extra adventures. She’s getting spayed this weekend and my heart can’t even handle it. If you have any recovery tips or anything I can do for her, please let me know! (The last time I dealt this this with Bella, I was in college. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I remember being so worried about her. I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave my tiny apartment for at least three days.)

For today’s post, I have some new sample Peloton workout plans! This Peloton Workout Plan post continues to be one of my top posts every single day, and I figured it was time to share some new options, especially since there are so many new classes on the app.

I wanted to focus on a few specific things for this post: a workout plan for bodyweight only (if you don’t have weights at home, but still want a balanced plan using the Peloton option) and two beginner workout plans (one using the bike, and one without the bike).

A friendly reminder here to always check with a doctor before making any fitness changes. Honor your body and modify as needed.

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners and Bodyweight

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners (no bike)

Sunday: 20-minute beginner yoga

Monday: 20-minute dance cardio for beginners

Tuesday: 20-minute beginner bodyweight strength

Wednesday: OFF (you can also do a 20-minute full body stretch)

Thursday: 30-minute full body strength for beginners

Friday: 20-minute power walk

Saturday: OFF (option: 20-minute restorative yoga)

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners (with the bike)

Sunday: 20-minute beginner bodyweight strength

Monday: 20-minute beginner ride

Tuesday: 20-minute arm and shoulder strength for beginners

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 20-minute beginner ride

Friday: 20-minute glutes and legs strength for beginners

Saturday: OFF (optional: full body stretch)

Peloton Workout Plan – bodyweight only (no weights, or bike)

Sunday: 30-minute bodyweight strength

Monday: 30-minute run or walk (outdoor)

Tuesday: 30-minute yoga flow

Wednesday: OFF (10-minute meditation)

Thursday: 30-minute barre

Friday: 30-minute outdoor power walk

Saturday: OFF (optional: 20-minute restorative yoga)

Let me know if you give these a try!

Can You Do Peloton Tread Workouts Outside?

So, you’re pondering the possibilities of venturing out into the great outdoors for your Peloton Tread Workouts? Well, hold on to your workout shoes, because I’ve got some intel for you. While the Peloton Tread is primarily designed for indoor use, there are ways to adapt your fitness routine and sprinkle some sunshine into your bodyweight training.

Picture this: you find a serene spot in the park, feeling the breeze on your face as you delve into bodyweight exercises that build muscle and enhance your muscular endurance. Think lunges, squats, and jump squats, all while surrounded by greenery and fresh air.

But wait, there’s more!

You can even incorporate the plank position to engage that upper body and core. Focus on time under tension to really build strength and challenge yourself. And remember, if you’re craving a full-body workout with high intensity, get creative and use your surroundings to create resistance. A tree branch can become your trusty partner for pull-ups, while a bench or park bench can step in for step-ups or tricep dips.

So, my friend, with a little imagination and a touch of nature’s magic, you can take your Peloton Tread workouts from the living room to the wide, open spaces. Get out there and let the sun be your personal trainer!

Get ready to conquer the Peloton and crush your bodyweight goals!

Fellow Peloton fans: what is your favorite class to take right now? I’ve been doing HIIT and Hills the most often lately and am looooooving the meditation classes. But hey, let’s not forget the importance of incorporating strength training into our routine to build some serious muscle mass and sculpt those glutes of steel! 🍑 The good news is, Peloton offers a fantastic variety of strength training classes that will give you the full-body workouts you crave, all from the comfort of your own home. So get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse with Peloton’s strength training routine and watch as those gains start popping like kernels in a microwave! Trust me, your body will thank you for adding these full-body workouts into the mix. Let’s get strong, my fellow Peloton enthusiasts!



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* PS email me if you’re considering getting a bike and I can share some tips with you!


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