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Windows 10 updates won’t be free after 2025 — here’s why Leave a comment


Windows 10 is unfortunately coming to the end of its life cycle. In 2025, Microsoft’s OS will no longer receive free updates and support as the company transitions its efforts to Windows 11 and potentially Windows 12.

Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows 10?

According to a blog post from Microsoft on Tuesday, starting Oct. 14, 2025, the company will start charging for Windows 10 security updates. The reasoning is quite simple; Windows 10 is almost a decade old at this point and Microsoft is not willing to give full support to a potential three operating systems. As it phases out Windows 10, the company hopes to entice users to transition to Windows 11, which is free for eligible PCs at the moment.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11 right now, it’s easy and free. Launched in 2021, it’s not the most revolutionary Windows OS to exist, but it’s suitable for those looking for a change — but not too much change. You can also keep Windows 10 and not pay for the updates, but that leaves you vulnerable to bad actors looking to exploit soon-to-be abandonware.

If you want to wait, recent rumors suggest Windows 12 will see a 2024 release, but that information is a bit sketchy. If true, Windows 12 won’t be a free update like Windows 11, but what that OS will offer in terms of AI advancement is exciting. Or you can switch to Linux if that’s your thing.

Either way, 2025 is a long time away so there’s no need to make a decision now. Microsoft did not make it clear how much it’ll charge for future updates.


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