Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has another new trailer, and promises more details in ‘Summer 2024’ Leave a comment

Though there isn’t much visually to the video, this teaser contains more substance than any of the previous teasers combined. The trailer focuses on specific regions in the Dragon Age setting (also know as Thedas — cheeky devils), offering first looks at places the previous Dragon Age games have always referenced but never visited. We’re treated to glimpses of Antiva, Rivain, and the Anderfels, with voiceovers from characters who represent the various factions we’re likely to encounter in the game.

The final voiceover is a bit strange, though. We already know the game will focus on fighting the titular Dreadwolf — the character also known as Solas from Dragon Age Inquistion. Solas, neé Fen’Harel dba “The Dreadwolf,” was formerly an elven god who has awoken from his long slumber to uplift his people by destroying the barrier between the magical and the material world which will wipe out everyone who isn’t an elf. However, as the final voice speaks about how all the world will know the peace and comfort of his reign, they don’t sound like Solas. Either BioWare got a new voice actor for The Egg (derogatory) or Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will feature another villain to contest against — and knowing Dragon Age like I do, it’s likely the latter.

What “full reveal” means is anybody’s guess. It could be the game’s first full trailer, a gameplay trailer, or BioWare could pull a Beyoncé and drop the whole game then and there. We also don’t know what “Summer 2024” means — which could be anything from late May to late August. Nevertheless, we have a date and the promise of something which is more than what fans have had to go on for the last six years.

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