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TL;DR: Find a wide range of free online courses from Harvard University on edX.

edX is the best place to find online courses from some of the world’s best educational institutions, including Harvard University. You might have heard about Harvard. It’s kind of a big deal.

Through edX, Harvard University is offering online courses on Python, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and many more useful topics. And better yet, some of the best courses are available to take for free. Yep, you can become a Harvard student without spending anything.

We’ve lined up a standout selection of these free courses to get you started. These are the best free online courses from Harvard University this month:

These free online courses do not come with a verified certificate of completion, but that’s the only catch. You can still enroll and start learning at your own pace. And if you really need that certificate for your wall, you can receive something for a small fee.

Become a student of Harvard University with help from edX.


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