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Best robot vacuum deals: Roombas at Black Friday prices Leave a comment


UPDATE: Dec. 1, 2023, 2:30 p.m. EST This story has been updated to include the best deals on robot vacuums from iRobot, Roborock, and Shark and more still live at the end of Cyber Week.

Best robot vacuum deals this week:

Gray Shark robot vacuum and smartphone with map of home on screen

Black Shark robot vacuum with dock and smartphone with home map on screen

Roomba on self-emptying dock, water tank, and smartphone with green iRobot screen

Only three things are certain in life: Death, taxes, and a few days each month when you need to vacuum but just don’t have time. Whether you detest the chore or hope to make your home upkeep a bit breezier, a robot vacuum is a lifesaver.

Robot vacuums under $200

Why we like it

For a solid cheap Shark option, skip the outdated $129 Shark ION and opt for the Matrix instead. For less than $200, you’re securing LiDAR-powered smart home mapping and virtual boundaries, plus Matrix technology, which attacks debris from multiple angles in a crosshatch pattern to grab anything that was missed on the original pass.

On top of the thorough cleaning pattern, Shark itself claims that the Matrix dishes out 50% more sheer suction power than the Roomba i3 — and when the Roomba i3 is still more expensive even when it’s discounted as well, we’d understand if that’s an experiment you’re willing to test.

More robot vacuums on sale for under $200

Robot vacuums under $500

Why we like it

Shark released several iterations of its flagship robot vacuum in 2023. This chic black and silver RV2310AE model is on sale at Amazon for less than $300 — a 40% price cut and a record-low price (according to camelcamelcamel) by far. Home mapping and virtual boundaries guided by 360-degree LiDAR are present here, plus Shark’s newest claim to fame: its Matrix cleaning technique that vacuums in a crosshatch pattern to grab any debris missed from the first angle.

More robot vacuums on sale for under $500

Robot vacuums under $800

Why we like it

Two Roombas are sitting at the $599 (or $599.99) price point right now. One of them is a laughably better deal — and that’s because there’s a world of difference between the Roomba j9+ and s9+ despite a mere one-letter change in the title itself.

The obvious model to opt for here is the Roomba j9+. One of five new Roombas just launched in September, the j9+ is literally just the Roomba Combo j9+ without mopping capabilities. That means that it still cleans with iRobot’s most powerful suction yet, beating out the previous winner in that category, the s9+, which is on sale for the same exact price. The j9+ is also just one of a handful of Roombas with the ability to detect and avoid small problem-causing obstacles like phone chargers and other cords, pet waste, socks, and more.

Robot vacuum and mop hybrids

Why we like it

You can bring home the triple threat that is automatic emptying, mopping, and small obstacle avoidance for less than $500 with this deal that’s still around from the first day of Amazon’s official Black Friday sale.

Compared to the Roomba j7+, the j5+’s obstacle detection cameras aren’t quite as precise, and still may require you to pick up things like towels or socks, or put a virtual barrier around pet bowls. But to be able to skip skimming the floor for rogue cords and enjoy automatic emptying for less than $400, you can probably deal with ensuring laundry gets into the basket. As for the mopping, this is one of iRobot’s new Swap and Mop models, which does require you to be home to physically click on the water tank when you want to mop.

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