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Thanks to AI voice cloning, anyone can sound like Joe Rogan, Oprah, or even Darth Vader. But a newly launched set of features from Voicemod should make it easy for users to create and share their own bespoke AI voices from scratch. Users can now create and tweak unique synthetic voices with AI Voice Changer and then share them with other users on Community Voices.

For those outside the world of gaming, Voicemod is an AI voice cloning program popular with streamers and gamers. Prior to this update, it had over 100 options for AI voices, including popular fantasy characters, celebrity actors, astronauts — and even the main characters in Rick and Morty. Users can now use Voicemod’s AI Voice Creator feature to create a unique synthetic voice, picking from a variety of genders, ages, and tones. On top of that, users can use the Voicelab functionality to fine-tune their synthetic voices — no Audacity needed — changing up the pitch, volume, frequency, as well as adding audio effects. According to Voicemod, this will result in an almost “unlimited” number of voices. Users can also share their DIY voices on Community Voices — as well as access other users’ voices. 

“Essentially, Voicemod has created a tool that lets users start with one of Voicemod’s voice ‘personas’ generated by AI, and then adjust various parameters and effects, to create an entirely new AI-powered voice. Then, afterwards, they can choose to share their creations with the wider community via Community Voices,” explained Steve O’Hear, the founder of O’Hear & Co, the maker of Voicemod, in an e-mail to The Verge.

As AI voice technology becomes more ubiquitous, the companies behind these tools face few legal hurdles. Since voices are not copyrightable, voice cloning AI tools can get away with duplicating an endless number of famous voices — both real and imaginary. Given that Community Voices and AI Voice Changer aren’t about replicating existing voices, but creating entirely new ones, there’s even less to worry about.

Voicemod is available for both macOS and Windows 10 and 11.


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