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AWS re:Invent 2023: the biggest news and announcements Leave a comment


Amazon’s new virtual desktop link is a Fire TV Cube for businesses.

Instead of relying on hard drives, thin clients like the cube offload most computing power to the cloud and can connect virtual desktops remotely. AWS’ Melissa Stein said the company wants to provide a low-cost option for clients in high employee turnover spaces, like call centers, to provide access to enterprise applications.

“We looked for options and found that the hardware we used for the Amazon Fire TV Cube provided all the resources customers needed to access their cloud-based virtual desktops. So, we built an entirely new software stack for that device, and since we didn’t have to design and build new hardware, we’re passing those savings along to customers.”

The AWS thin clients will cost $195, or $280 bundled with a hub to connect a second monitor, with a monthly $6 management and maintenance fee.


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