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Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature changed the game in a lot of ways. You no longer require finstas to share the more random and personal content you’d only want select people to see. You can post Stories for just this list, rendering some of the pressures of Instagram obsolete.

Now, Instagram is elevating the existing Close Friends feature, thanks to a handy new update. The app announced that people can share posts with just those on their CF list. Whether it’s a Reel or a photo dump, you have the option to share content on your feed that only some will get to see.

Here’s how to do it.

How to post on Instagram for just Close Friends

Step 1:
Upload a post or Reel.

Press the + button in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the app. Choose ‘Post’ or ‘Reel’, edit whatever you want to share to your liking, then hit ‘Next’.

Step 2:
Tap “Audience”.

Before sharing, click ‘Audience’ (under ‘Tag people’), then select ‘Close Friends’.

A screenshot of uploading a picture on Instagram.

Credit: Mashable / Instagram.

Step 3:

Your post will then be visible to only those on your Close Friends list, noted with a little green star icon at the top right.

Two screenshots of posts on Instagram.

Credit: Instagram.


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