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Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying the morning so far! I’m popping in with an old-school style Day in the Life type post. There were quite a few requests for more posts like this in the annual survey (thank you for your help with this!), so here we go!


6:45am. My alarm goes off. If I have to take the kids to school, I have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to get dressed, but since the Pilot is doing drop-off, I get an extra 15 minutes. Bless it. I hadn’t worn my Oura ring for a while, so I had to reset it to factory settings, and I was excited to see my sleep and readiness score for the day.

I wake up the kids, head downstairs, and pack up lunches, backpacks, snacks, and sweaters. I make them oatmeal with peanut butter and berries for the road, they head off to school, and I get ready for a workout. While I’m getting dressed, I chug a giant green juice, eat a banana, and half a bar.

I also drink some ginger tea:

8:15 A challenging and fun pure barre Define class. This is a newer class option and it’s all strength-based. I love the mix of barre and traditional strength training moves.

9:30 back home and having the rest of my breakfast: two scrambled eggs and a smoothie with avocado, pumpkin seeds, frozen zucchini, cocoa powder, dates, protein powder, and almond milk.

I have my morning supplements (loving this Omega-3, NAC, quercetin + zinc, and elderberry for this time of year), and eat at my computer while answering emails and publish a reel to IG.

10:30 Kristi is here to shoot blog content photos, which explains why some of the photos in this post are professional/gorgeous and others are quick real-life on the fly 😉 We shoot about once a month and it makes a huge difference to have blog photos ready to go for upcoming posts.

11:30 We finish photos for 5 blog posts (!), and I take Maisey for a walk around the neighborhood.


12:00 Lunch! A salad with tuna, chopped veggies (bell pepper, radish, beets, cucumber), different types of lettuce, quinoa (pre-cooked during meal prep and waiting in the fridge) and a tahini vinaigrette. I’ve been trying to take a *real* lunch break lately (instead of only eating at the computer), so I’ll eat outside, listen to a podcast or watch an episode of Friends. I sit at the dining room table and listen to an audiobook while I eat for 15 minutes.

12:15-2:30 Work blitz. I write two blog posts and edit an upcoming podcast episode, while sipping on green tea and I snack on some chocolate. I start the podcast episode for post-production uploading (to remove any excess sounds and stabilize the volume) and take a pause on work stuff while it’s back to mom mode. Before I leave for pickup, I do 7 minutes on the PEMF mat with a short meditation.

3:00 The kids are out of school. We head home, start homework, I make them a snack plate, and get Liv ready for dance.


5:15 After dropping Liv at dance, P and I finish her homework while I prep dinner: chopped chicken salad. This is one of my favorite ones to make it advance so it’s ready to go for the evening! I use rotisserie chicken, steamed edamame, rice noodles, and I’ll add coleslaw mix, chopped green onions, bell peppers, cilantro, peanuts, and make a peanut dressing with Tamari, peanut butter, rice vinegar, honey, sriracha, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and olive oil. I cover the salad and put it in the fridge, and keep the dressing separate in a jar until it’s ready to use.

6:15 P and I take a short bike ride/walk around the neighborhood and the Pilot comes to home to high-five me and take over. I pack up some salad to take with me in the car. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than waiting until 8:30 to eat.. and thankfully it’s only one night each week.

7pm Choir practice! I look forward to this all week. We’re currently doing Verdi’s Requiem (it’s a LOT, but breathtakingly amazing) and it sets my soul free.

8:30pm I’m back at home. The Pilot has cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, and I make the kids’ lunches and snacks, set out their clothes for the next day, and do a quick cleaning blitz before bed (laundry and wipe down counters). While I’m doing this, P is getting ready for bed, and the Pilot and Liv are doing homework together.

9pm I read a book with P and hang out with her until she falls asleep, while the Pilot finishes homework with Liv downstairs.

After P is asleep, I finish cleaning up for the day, upload my podcast episode and schedule my blog post, and get ready for bed while Liv gets ready for bed.

10:15 I read for a little while, do my evening eye mask, and take magnesium before crashing out!

10:40 Lights out and ready to do it all over again 🙂

What I liked about this particular day: 

I loved all of the different colored veggies I had this particular day! I feel like it was produce-heavy, and I felt energized and satisfied all day. I also loved that I was able to get in a couple of short walks in between work to shake out my legs and get fresh air. Also, it included chocolate and choir, which are two things that make me happy. I hit my protein goal with the protein powder, tuna, chicken, and edamame. Even though it was a busy day and I could have stayed up later reading or unwinding, I’m glad I stuck to my bedtime routine so I’d be rested for the next day.

What I would do differently:

I would say I’d make it less of a scramble, but that’s just where we are right now. I just try to look for moments of peace and stillness where I can take it, and even though the nightly eye mask is a pain, it forces me to take at least 10 minutes to stop and breathe. 🙂

So, tell me, friends: what’s something that you make time to do each day? Any strategies that help you during this busy season?



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