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The best Apple deals in Dec. 2023: AirPods, iPads, and more Leave a comment


UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EST We’ve updated this post with the best deals from across the Apple universe this holiday season, including some that match or beat their Black Friday prices. Here are our top picks:

Apple may have an iron grasp on the general population, but when it comes down to it, their products look good, work well, and stay cutting-edge — so of course, people love ’em. Whether you build your calendar around Apple events or you just want solid tech no matter the brand, Apple’s got you covered. Sure, they’re a little notorious for their high prices, but we’ve rounded up the best deals on iPads, AirPods, MacBooks, and more to help you save where you can. Check them out below.

Mac and MacBook deals

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the M2 MacBook Air.

We may finally have M3 iMacs and Macbooks, but the M2 chip is still plenty powerful and is definitely worth checking out at this sub-$1,000 price point. In this MacBook Air model, it makes for an excellent work from home machine. In addition to the speed you’ll get, the 13.6-inch display actually feels different from the previous gen’s 13.3 inches (we know, but trust us) and unlike earlier Butterfly-equipped generations, this Air has a keyboard you’ll actually want to type on. B&H is holding on to this deal which keeps the laptop at its Black Friday price and puts it just $50 away from its lowest price ever.

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MacBook Air

MacBook Pro


iPad deals

Why we like it

This $249 price tag doesn’t quite match up with the $229 we caught this tablet at during Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean this iPad deal is worth passing over. If you just need a tablet for the basics — some note taking, some video watching — and you want to go Apple, this is the best possible deal you can get by a long shot. At the time of writing, it’s $150 cheaper than the 2022 iPad on sale. While there are notable design changes between the two tablets, you probably won’t notice much of a difference in performance with casual use.

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iPad (10th gen)

iPad (9th gen)

iPad Air

iPhone deals

Why we like it

The iPhone 15 may be the shiniest new Apple toy, and while the deals on the phone certainly aren’t bad, they are contingent upon you having a decent trade-in. If you feel any doubt in your trade-in power, going for this Verizon deal on the 14 Plus requires none — only that you open a new line on select unlimited plans. Still some hoops, but far fewer to get an $800 phone basically for free.

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Apple Watch deals

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the Apple Watch Series 9.

If you want some dollars off on double tap, an Amazon on-page coupon has brought the 45mm Series 9 down to a new record-low price — that’s including the markdowns we saw during Cyber Weekend. Other impressive features of this watch include the 2,000-nit display which makes it significantly easier to read in sunlight, and despite the addition, still has 18 full hours of battery life. This watch isn’t a big upgrade for Series 8 users, but if you have a much older gen or are grabbing your first Apple Watch this holiday season, this deal is a great way to get a present for yourself (and your bank account).

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Series 9

Series 8



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AirPods and accessories deals

Why we like it

Thanksgiving just marked part one of the hectic holiday travel season. Whether you lost a bag, had a close call, or simply want to be proactive, Bluetooth trackers are a great way to give yourself some insurance as we head into the latter half of the busy travel season (certainly more than a budget airline might when it comes to your belongings). Though there are some security issues you’ll want to be aware of if you’re buying AirTags, for iPhone users, they are some of the most convenient trackers on the market. At $86.88, this four-pack is about $7 from the low we saw it at during Black Friday, but it’s still way cheaper than buying four separate AirTags at $29 each.

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