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Google Files now has Drive’s scanner tool — 3 new features that’ll make your life easier Leave a comment


Google has recently enhanced its Files by Google app with significant upgrades, giving a much-needed upgrade to the company’s flagship document platform. This suite of features marks a significant stride in Google’s ongoing efforts to optimize digital organization and accessibility.

Here’s a breakdown of the three key features of this new upgrade:

Directly file a photo to the Google Files app

The latest update to the Google Files app brings a new capability where users can use their smartphone camera to scan documents directly. This feature includes two operational modes: a Manual mode, where users have to press the shutter button themselves, and an Auto mode, which automatically recognizes and scans documents.

These files can then be found in the /Files by Google/Scanned directory on your phone.

Access to filters/tools to fine-tune your scan

Once a document is scanned using the Google Files app, users are provided with an array of editing options. These tools allow users to adjust and enhance the scanned document, including the application of various filters to improve readability and aesthetics.

Drive shortcut added to the Files app

A new addition to the Google Files app is a shortcut to Google Drive. Located conveniently within the app’s interface, this shortcut enables users to swiftly access their Google Drive cloud storage, facilitating a more integrated experience between local file management and cloud storage services.

This update adds some improvements and functionality to the user experience of Google’s apps, particularly in terms of document scanning and management.


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