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35+ best pet deals to shop on Cyber Weekend Leave a comment


Best early Cyber Monday pet deals:

Furbo dog camera dispensing a treat next to smartphone with the Furbo app

Cat in the self-cleaning litter box next to supplies, odor control device, and smartphone showing the app

Dog DNA test box with smartphones showing various features on the app in the background

Bissell corded vacuum with attachments

If you have pets, you know how expensive they can be.

There are the basic expenses (vet bills, supplies, etc.) but you also want to spoil them with fun toys and gadgets. In the middle of this Venn diagram of basic needs, quality of life for your dog, and not totally blowing your budget, lives Black Friday and Cyber Monday pet deals.

If you’ve had your eye on something that’s a little pricey but ultimately worth it for you and your pet, Cyber Weekend is the way to go. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals this week for all of your pet tech needs (or wants, tbh). Keep checking back often, as we’ll be updating this page with more deals as the official shopping holiday gets closer.

Note: All newly added deals are marked with a ✨, while deals with a 🔥 have dropped to an all-time low price. Deals with a strikeout were either sold out or expired at the time of writing.

Best pet camera deal

Why we like it

Furbo has cornered the market on dog cameras that remotely dispense treats for good reason. It’s one of the original products to offer the novel treat-dispensing feature that has won over pet lovers everywhere. Plus, its app has two-way interactive features that let you communicate with your dog instead of just watching and listening to them from a traditional camera. This deal requires a $6.99 monthly subscription to use the camera, but you’ll score barking alerts, home security alerts, and you’ll be able to take a look back at your video history. Amazon also has a deal for the standalone device for $145 (normally $210) which doesn’t require a subscription and has fewer features.

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Best litter box deal

Why we like it

You definitely don’t need a self-cleaning litter box for your cat, but this is pet tech that will seriously make your life easier — just imagine not having to clean out the kitty litter box. The Petkit litter box automatically filters out waste detected by sensors, and features odor control for what it collects. It also comes with an app that tracks your cat’s health, in case you need granular data about how your cat does its business.

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Best dog DNA test

Why we like it

Embark is Mashable Shopping Team’s top pick for DNA tests. Not only does it test for over 200 breeds and screen for over 175 diseases, Embark also has stellar customer service.

“If something worrisome shows up in the health screening, they won’t just send an envelope to your house that says ‘Surprise, your dog is dying’ — they’ll call you and break the news like a doctor would, and then talk you through the options. Amazing,” said Senior Shopping Reporter Leah Stodart. Embark’s dog DNA test is already a good buy, so why not get it at a discount?

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Best vacuum for pet owners

Why we like it

Pet ownership and a good vacuum go hand-in-hand. You need something with both powerful suction and easy maneuverability since you’re likely going to be vacuuming a lot. Bissell’s PowerGlide corded vacuum is compact, lightweight, yet powerful and comes with special attachments for sucking up hair without getting it tangled.

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